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Table Of Contents :

  • Introduction.
  • Business Problem .
  • ML Formulation and Constraints.
  • Data Overview
  • Performance Metrics.
  • Data Preprocessing.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Feature Engineering
  • Different Encoding strategies.
  • Training Different Models.
  • Model Comparison.
  • Prediction Intervals.
  • Model Deployment
  • Future Work.
  • Profiles
  • References.

1. Introduction :

Services Now is a software company whose core business was to deal with management of incident, problem and change IT operational events, the current data set consists of incidents recorded in an IT company through ServiceNow platform.

2.Business Problem And Constraint

Ticketing system is like a bridge between customers and the service company to deal with the issues faced by customers. Whenever an issue is observed, the customer reports…

Rohith Kumar

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